Deerwood Auditorium Pickleball

We have one court with multiple sessions for CLPA Members Only – indoor play at the Deerwood Auditorium.

Season will run from November 17, 2024 through the end of April 2025.

The following charges for CLPA members only: This amount is subject to change. 

  • $30 per person per month.
  • $125 per person for entire indoor season.
  • $5 per time (we urge per time players to opt for a block session above)

Winter Pickleball in Deerwood MN

We recommend paying the full season rate of $125 for individual CLPA players and prefer Credit Card payments.

Players must purchase a play pass(es) prior to signing up on Playtime Scheduler (PTS). Click the button below to pay.

Only CLPA may bring a guest. Guests pay $5 per session. Cash to be deposited in a lockbox at the court. 

Play times are two-hour sessions, six players per session (waiting list available):

  • Monday | 8a – 10a
  • Tuesday | 8a – 10a | 3p – 5p | 5p – 7p
  • Wednesday | 5p – 7p | 7p – 9p
  • Thursday | 8a – 10a
  • Friday | 8a – 10a | 10a – 12p | 12p – 2p | 4p – 6p | 6p – 8p
  • Saturday | 8a – 10a | 10a – 12p | 12p – 2p    (No Saturdays in December)

Sessions will vary throughout the season to allow for other scheduled events at the auditorium. Check the PTS regularly for session updates.

Please pay online prior to scheduling or playing. 


After payment – Go to Playtime Scheduler to reserve your time slot.

Deerwood Indoor – Playtime Scheduler – Etiquette

  1. Only sign up for one session per day. 
  2. If a session is full (6 players) you have the option to join a wait list (2 players).
  3. When someone drops out of a full session, the next person in line on the wait list will be bumped up.
  4. When you are on a wait list you will receive an email notification if you have been added to the session. It is your responsibility to check your email and playtime scheduler to see if you have been added to the session. Also, remove yourself from any other waitlists you have joined for that day.
  5. If you anticipate missing a scheduled playtime, please remove yourself ASAP to allow others to fill the session. Removing your name will also automatically remove any guests underneath your name.
  6. Make sure you change shoes PRIOR to entering the court area! Be mindful of tracking snow and debris into the Front Door entry area.  

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