It’s Happened – Court Construction Completed July 2022!

Day One – June 13, 2022
Off With the Top Soil, then Class 5
New Pickleball Courts - Ironton, MN
Rolling the Asphalt
Court Subsurface - Pickleball Courts - Ironton, MN
Court Subsurface – All Set
Oberg Fence Posts are Up!
Setting the 4′ Divider Fences
Exterior Fencing Going Up
Setting in the Net Posts
Setting Center Net Strap Ring
July 27 – Puttin’ on the Paint!
July 28 – Puttin’ on Paint Day 2!
Almost There! Nets on the Way!
August 3, 2022 – We’re Playin Baby!

Located in the City of Ironton Park System, just north of the corner of Hwy 210. The corner of Winona Ave. and 3rd St.

Applying the Acrylic Surface – July 28, 2022